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Quick & Easy Online Cake Delivery In Mumbai

Looking for the best online cake delivery service in Mumbai? Well look no further! Drop the hassle and trust WishByGift for all your baking needs to make a special occasion memorable and sweet.

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WishByGift offers a wide ranging cake flavor options for you to choose from. Our cakes came in both egg and eggless options. Looks like online cake delivery in Mumbai could not have been made easier!

Why You Should Choose WishByGift

A party will always be incomplete with a good cake. For sweet memories and even sweeter cakes you should always go for trusted cake delivery services that assure ease and quality.

Here are some highlights that make WishByGift the best option for online cake delivery in Mumbai –

Lightning Speed Same Day Cake Delivery in Mumbai

Same day deliveries have now become a normal feat, WishByGift has raised the cake delivery standards by providing the fastest cake delivery services in the city.

Nobody’s perfect, and forgetting special days becomes no big deal when you trust WishByGift! Order birthday cakes online in Mumbai to save the day on a sweet note.

Fresh Out Of The Oven, Straight To Your Doorsteps

Happy and sweet memories cannot be made with a stale, poor quality cake!

Nobody likes a soggy cake, or a dry cake for that matter. WishByGift prides over the fact that all our cakes are delivered freshly baked and loaded with high quality toppings.

Straight from our ovens to your doorsteps, one could not have asked for a better deal!

Endless Catalog Of Cake Options

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional options that have been seen in bakeries in the past, but as the times are changing and choices are increasing, cake options too have taken a leap.

Scroll through WishByGift endless catalog of cake flavors and toppings. From pineapple cake to red velvet, we got you covered!

All our cakes are available in egg and eggless options to suit your needs and preferences.

Get scrumptious deliciousness delivered to your doorstep anytime, anywhere in Mumbai. So, what are you waiting for? Order now on the WishByGift website for sweet cakes and sweeter memories.

All Day, Any Day Online Cake In Mumbai

Like life, not everything is planned and organized. For these welcome, but chaotic moments choose WishByGift to deliver sweet doses of happiness delivered anytime and anywhere in Mumbai.

Be it a same day online cake delivery or a midnight cake delivery in Mumbai, drop the hassle and order now on WishByGift.

No matter what the time, send birthday cakes online in Mumbai to your near and dear ones to let them know you care. There is nothing sweeter than a sweet token of love and affection.

Round The Clock Delivery

We don’t just call ourselves the best online cake delivery service in Mumbai for nothing! We pride ourselves in delivering our cakes to your doorstep no matter what the time may be.

Order anytime, be it a scheduled delivery or a midday, midnight delivery, we got you covered.

WishByGift delivers cakes whenever and wherever your cravings arise. Be it an on the go Monday or a lazy sleep-in Sunday, order cake online in Mumbai anytime, anywhere at your convenience. We are just one click away.

Everywhere Cake Delivery in Mumbai

Do you think you live too far away? Or that your home is in the interiors where delivery seems impossible. We’re here to prove you wrong!

WishByGift offers cake deliveries all over Mumbai no matter how far away, or in the nooks and crannies your location may be! So rest assured, your special day is not going to be any less sweeter than you might have imagined!

Delivered with care

While we promise cake deliveries all day, everyday in Mumbai, one might wonder whether our cakes are delivered with the love and care that we promise.

Well, don’t you worry!

Our delivery partners carry your sweet tokens with utmost care and responsibility. Be it rain or hail,  your cakes will be safe and sound in the hands of our capable delivery personnel.

It’s almost as if they’re magically delivered right from our ovens to your doorstep.

From our flavor treasure-trove for your endless taste buds

Finding a cake nowadays  is no big deal. You can find and buy one from any shop nearby. Then what is it that makes us stand apart from them?

When you buy a cake from a random bakery, you often have to settle because of the limited palette of cake options.

This is where we come in. Scroll through our wide range of cake flavors, topping options, and all that your sweet tooth desires!

Be it Red Velvet Cake or Nutella overload, we have ‘em all, that too in both egg and eggless options.

Icing on top of the cake? Let’s not forget our most prompt delivery services! So, when you’re getting your favorite flavors, at lightning speed, delivered to your doorstep, why look any further?

Just choose your pick and wait for us to deliver happiness!

Cakes by Flavour Cakes by Occasion Cakes by Type
Chocolate Cakes Birthday Cakes Regular Cakes
Red Velvet Cake Anniversary Cakes Premium Cakes
Butterscotch Cakes Father’s Day Cakes Eggless Cakes
Strawberry Cakes Valentine Day Cakes Heart shaped cakes
Black Forest Cakes 1st Birthday Cake Cupcakes

We are not just delivery experts. We’re also..

Baking experts!

We’re not just going to make sure that we offer a variety of cakes as quickly as possible to you near and dear ones. We’re also ensuring that the cakes we deliver are little slices of heaven.

With years and years of experience and skill in the kitchen, our baking experts have come up with the perfect recipes to make special occasions sweeter and memorable.

Add a personalized touch to your sweet tokens

Sometimes a plain old cake with a happy birthday card does not do the trick. Sometimes you need a little extra magic, and we’re all here for it.

Customize your cakes to add a personalized touch to your sweet tokens of love. All our cakes have the option of being personalized according to your preferences and choices to elevate any occasion and make it memorable.

Be it a Barbie cake on one side and a Batman cake on the other, your craziest sweet tooth cravings are what we strive to bake and deliver.

Traditional and unique flavors

Nothing beats a good ‘ol slice of chocolate cake. However, change is good when that same slice is heavily loaded with Nutella or any other topiing of your choosing.

Same goes for a simple vanilla cake. As scrumptious as it may taste on its own, when topped with sprinkled cinnamon ganache, it just elevates the sweet experience to the next level.

At WishByGift, we like to offer both experiences to our customers. While sometimes the taste buds crave our childhood flavors, on occasion it wishes to try something new and different!

We cater to the flavor buds of everyone, the older and the younger generations. So surprise your friend by ordering a birthday cake online in Mumbai for them and letting them know you care.

Birthday? Anniversary? First Date?

The best feature of any bakery has got to be their palette which caters to each and every occasion a customer might come up with.

At WishByGift we believe in celebrating every occasion with love to make sweet memories. And what’s the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of celebration? CAKES!

Be it your child’s six-month birthday and you need a semi-circle cake, or a grand wedding requiring a five tier cake, a birthday cake like an action figure right out of a screen, WishByGift is your go to cake provider!

We never dull the shine of any occasion and put all our efforts in making the most perfect cake, as per your needs and preferences to top off every occasion on a sweet note.

So customize your cake, however you like and create your own kind of magic!

Birthday Cakes Delivery in Mumbai

A birthday without a cake is like a baker without flour!


To make the best part about birthdays and parties the best, make sure that you order cakes online in Mumbai only from WishByGift.

For every party, customize your cake and choose your pick from our wide range of cake flavor and topping options according to your family and friend’s preferences.

Also, one often feels forlorn when one is away from their loved ones on special occasions and loved ones. Well, dash the sadness and send birthday cakes in Mumbai to your friends and family. A small token of affection and care goes a long way.

Wedding Cakes Order Online in Mumbai

A Wedding is, by no means, a simple affair. Every little detail and event needs intricate planning and organization.

While you worry about the flower arrangements and food palette, let us worry about making your wedding cake the most scrumptious cake you and your guests have ever tasted.

A wedding cake cannot be anything less than gourmet and exquisite and that’s exactly what we’re promising. Take your wedding to the next level by customizing your wedding cake according to your dream wedding.

Not only do our cakes promise the gourmet touch, they also come in different ranges to suit the pockets of all. So, if you’re low on budget but don’t want to compromise on the cake, we got you. Also, if you wish to go all out and get a 5 tier customized cake for your special day, we got you too!

Our wedding cakes palette at WishByGift is freshly made and crafted according to the choices and preferences of our customers.

Anniversary Cakes Delivery in Mumbai

Togetherness and love are things that should always be celebrated. And what better way than celebrating with a cake!

With our special array of anniversary cakes, WishByGift wishes to make your anniversary even more memorable with our sweet tokens of love.

We offer a wide range of cake flavor and toppings along with customizations to give a magical twist to what might seem like a normal cake.

Add a personalized touch to your occasion and make sweet memories.

At WishByGift, every delivery is prioritized and we ensure that not only is the cake delivered on time, it also remains untouched and unaffected throughout its journey to your doorstep.

Corporate Cakes Order Online in Mumbai

Birthdays in office just became cooler

Well, as long as you remember them!

Hang on, we got a solution for that too!

Not remembering birthdays of your colleagues and employees is no longer going to be a hassle because even if you forget, WishByGift prompt deliveries will save the day.

With our scheduling feature, you may also plan any office party well in advance to forgo the last minute hassle.

So be it a planned party or an impromptu salary day party, we got you covered either way.

At WishByGift, all the cakes are available in both egg and eggless options to suit the needs and preferences of a wider range of eaters.

Delivery assistance for every order

In the end, it seems that our services might be too good to believe.

So to sate your curiosity, we offer a tracking feature that allows you to track the step by step info from the moment your cake is set to bake to the moment it gets delivered to your doorstep.

Now this is a kind of stalking we approve of!

24×7 Cake Delivery Service in Mumbai

Our online services at WishByGift are available all through the day and night. From enquiries to placing orders, our baking and delivering schedule works round the clock to deliver sweet tokens anywhere and everywhere in Mumbai.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Mumbai

There’s nothing better than being the first one delivering sweet messages to our near and dear ones on their special days.

And there is nothing better, rather sweeter to send than a cake to bring a smile on someone’s face!

Midnight cake delivery in Mumbai just got easier and convenient with a wide range of cake flavors and toppings available 24×7.

All our cakes, available in egg and eggless options, are freshly baked, ready to be delivered as a midnight cake delivery in Mumbai or a midday delivery too.

Customized Cakes Online Order in Mumbai

Cake customization might have been a strenuous process, but not any more!

At WishByGift we have simplified the procedure of listing specifications and directions as to how you’d like your cake to be delivered.

No matter how small the detail may be, we pay absolute attention to all your needs and preferences.

Order Cake Online in Mumbai – Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers!

Q. How can I place an order on WishByGift?

You simply have to scroll through our palette of cake and choose the one you like. Upon choosing you can choose the size in which you want the cake.

After successfully choosing the flavor and size, you’ll have to fill in the required details, such as name, contact details and address, so that the cake can be delivered via our prompt delivery services.

Upon completing the order you’ll receive a confirmation from our team regarding your order.

Q. Which details will be needed while placing the order?

At WishByGift we do not require any more details than absolutely necessary to ensure that your cake gets delivered to the right place at the right time.

Besides your address and contact information you will not be asked to fill in any other field of information.

Q. I need help! I forgot my best friend’s birthday!

There’s no better way to let someone know you’re sorry than with a cake and a personal message.

Send a birthday cake in Mumbai to your best friend and shower them with love and affection.

Q. I want to surprise my mother with her favorite birthday cake at midnight. Is that possible?

That’s a great idea! WishByGift offers online cake delivery at midnight across all locations in Mumbai . You can schedule your order for midnight and surprise your family with a delicious cake!

Q. Do you have a refund policy? 

We offer refunds under some special conditions. The refund usually takes 2 to 15 business days and the amount is credited to the same account/card/wallet through which the payment was made. You can click here to read about our cancellation and refund policy in detail.

Top Localities Where WishByGift Deliver Cakes in Mumbai

City Name Pin Code City Name Pin Code
Cake Delivery in Andheri 400053 Cake Delivery in Borivali 400091
Cake Delivery in Bandra East 400051 Cake Delivery in Kandivali West 400067
Cake Delivery in Goregaon 400090 Cake Delivery in Bandra West 400050
Cake Delivery in Goregaon West 400062 Cake Delivery in Andheri East 400047
Cake Delivery in Goregaon East 400063 Cake Delivery in Malad East 400097
Cake Delivery in Malad 400064 Cake Delivery in Dadar 400014
Cake Delivery in Malad West 400064 Cake Delivery in Kandivali East 400101
Cake Delivery in Kokanipada 400066 Cake Delivery in Borivali West 400103
Cake Delivery in Kajupada 400066 Cake Delivery in Worli 400018