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Celebrations come to life when people come together. Different people, who may speak different languages, might come from different places, or maybe belong to two sides of the same family, but come together to share their happiness with each other. There is nothing as diverse as the people of this country. But one thing comes real close.

The wide range of cake selections at WishByGift. Whether you live in Delhi or Vaishali, your party is our party and we will make it memorable for you. So invite us over, order cake and flowers online. Leave the little things to us; you have a whole party to plan. Bring family and friends together, let your imagination spread its wings. You think it, we make it possible. If you so command, we will do a order designer cake online delivery for you. The party of your dreams must be perfect, and attention to detail is our speciality. You can also reach out to us for online flower delivery. What you ask for is what you get with us, probably better. Whether it is your flowers and cake order in Delhi or you are looking to send cakes and flowers online in Vaishali, we have you covered.

We have brought the baking elves from wonderland, which not only make delicious cakes, but make them in all shapes and sizes you could possibly imagine. At WishByGift, you can get a minion cake delivery for your little champion or a romantic red velvet cake for your special someone. Fresh ingredients and affordable prices are assured, so is joy and smiles all around. We personally believe that a cake is meant only to be eaten, but we make our cakes creamy enough to work as a good faced mask. Are you smiling yet? Well, this is what we do. We spread smiles, delivered one cardboard box at a time.

Avail a Variety of Cakes Flavours for all Occasions

Vanilla cake order, chocolate cake order, Florida fruit cake order, pineapple cake order, black forest cake order, we weren’t kidding when we said that we have a pretty diverse selection of cakes. Did we mention that we also have Oreo cakes? Now we’re just showing off. The thought of parties and celebrations gets us quite excited, after all. We are passionate about all things that make a good party amazing, and thus we vowed to learn all the secret arts of confectionary until we mastered them. We learned that the art of making great cakes was hard to master, but worth it when you turned boring Mondays into weekend-esque fun. Take a good bite, even the thought is mouth-watering.

Can’t taste the cake yourself? Ah, we know. You want to send it to a loved one elsewhere. Don’t worry, all you need to do is go to WishByGift and send cakes online. We understand the importance of your feelings being conveyed in the proper way at the proper time. Time is of the essence. Hence, we give you same day cake delivery and midnight cake delivery options. Happiness is a commitment, and we will make all the efforts it takes to bring happiness into the lives of you and your loved ones.

Flowers are a great way to open up a heart. We can always add flowers to your online cake delivery, but some situations require only flowers to create just the right conditions. We are bleeding heart romantics too. So we will go to great lengths to make sure your love is expressed in the best way possible. You can buy flowers online at WishByGift and express your feelings with the tried and tested method of flowers.

There is no perfect cake. There is just the idea of a perfect cake, and it is different for every person. We understand that, which is why we provide you with great customised cakes to suit your idea of perfection. Customised cakes, both outside and inside. At WishByGift, customisation is not just selection of looks and styles but also ingredients and twists. A good cake is a cake made to the requirements of the customer. We make sure that your requirements are all met. So if you want your cake to be eggless, we give you the order eggless cake online option. Customisation at its supreme, because your parties don’t come in standard format. Let your ideas roam free; nothing is out of syllabus for WishByGift.

This is your cake haven waiting for you. Order cake online, order designer cakes, order eggless cakes online, all the options are right here. Click now, and get ready to have your mind blown.

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