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Get online cake delivery in Kanpur at the best prices

WishByGift brings to you, an amazing and affordable online cake delivery service in Kanpur at the best prices. We deliver fresh, moist, delicious and tempting cakes in all kinds of flavors and designs. With us, you can select the best cakes and gifts for people of all ages and preferences and design a memorable experience for your loved ones.

Midnight cake delivery is now easier with WishByGift

Kanpur is a significant cultural, political, economic, and historical center of India. From high-rise buildings to the sub-urban alleys, our happening city of Uttar Pradesh has it all. The people of Kanpur are known for their love of food, conversations and building strong relations. WishByGift ensures that its services in Kanpur align with the same. 

We let you enjoy the best cakes and desserts and deliver them to your loved ones to remind them how much they mean to you. WishByGift makes sure that you do not have to suffer long wait queues or unfulfilled orders. So, we bring the joys of delicious cakes and heart-warming gifts to your doorsteps.

There was a time when even buying cakes at midnight from shops was a struggle and almost an impossible conquest. But not anymore! The people of Kanpur do not let timing become a barrier when it comes to making their loved ones feel special. Neither do we!

Therefore, we ensure midnight cake delivery in Kanpur and let you be the first one to remind your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your life partner, your children, or even your parents, that you think of them fondly and they mean the world to you. We understand that a cake might not match ALL the warm feelings that you wish to express to your loved ones, but it definitely adds more sweetness to it.

Make the best gifting decisions with WishByGift!

Some buyers are sorted and they know exactly what they want. On the other hand, some often remain confused when it comes to selecting the best cakes and gifts to make the perfect occasions and special days even more perfect and special.

Kanpur has people of both kinds and we have tailored our options to suit them both. If you know which type or flavor of cake you want, you can just type in your keywords and voila, your perfect suggestions with all the related options will appear on your screen.

However, if you are a little confused and do not know which option will be best, then you can scroll through all our categories that have been smartly designed to make your journey easier. On WishByGift, you can sort your options by occasion, type, theme or more.

For instance, you can search for cake by flavors and order Vanilla Cakes, Strawberry Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Mango Cakes, or Coffee Cakes. Else, you can look for cakes based on type like First Birthday Cakes, Premium Cakes, Photo Cakes, Eggless Cakes, etc.

Not just flavors! Select cakes based on theme, design & more!

WishByGift lets you order cake delivery in Kanpur for different occasions and lets you sort it by theme or design as well. With us, you can order Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Christmas Cakes, or even cakes for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Daughter’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and more. 

If you believe it is a bit of pomp and personalization, then you can also order Photo Cakes and Theme Cakes that depict the personality of your loved one or express your feelings in just the right manner, design and flavor. 

If you think along the lines “The More, The Merrier”, then you can also send flowers with cakes and choose from a range of options like Roses, Orchids, Lilies, and Carnations. You can also pair cake orders with chocolates and gifts and create a wholesome experience for your loved ones.

The bottom line is that whatever the occasion, and whatever your end goal is, you find the perfect cakes on WishByGift and get it delivered anywhere in Kanpur or across India!

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Chocolate Cakes Birthday Cakes Kids Cakes
Black Forest Cakes Wedding Cakes Eggless Cakes
Pineapple Cakes Anniversary Cakes Heart Shaped Cakes
Kit Kat Cake 1st Anniversary Cakes Photo Cakes
Butter Scotch Cakes Congratulations Cakes Premium Cakes

International cake flavors with the Desi touch

Kanpur is the perfect amalgamation of the international style & quality and the desi assurance and warmth. We know that while you wish to surprise your loved ones with Fondant Cakes and Pinata Cakes, on some days you would also desire the authentic Mango Flavoured Cakes or even Paan Flavoured Cakes.

Thus, we have it all! You can get your favourite flavours with options of same day cake delivery in Kanpur in no time. You can add a more personalized touch to the order and get Photo Cakes and Theme Cakes delivered for special occasions like Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewell Parties, Fresher’s parties, or more.

You can order Spiderman or Doraemon-themed cake for your toddlers. Else, you can order a gym-themed cake for a friend who is a fitness freak. You can make that brother-sister bond stronger by ordering special combos of Flowers and Cakes, Flowers and Chocolates, Flowers and Teddy, or more.

Else, you can choose from a range of flavourful and designer options and order half a dozen cupcakes that say “I love you” or “I miss you” to your loved ones while giving them a mouth-watering treat! Now, how cool is that! 

Do not limit your options! Enjoy eggless cakes in all flavours and designs

Lack of flavors, limited options of themes, delayed deliveries, high costs, and all other such issues that haunted you in the past can now be swept under the rug. With WishByGift, you do not have to worry about any of it as we value your time, money, choices, and preferences, 

Want your cakes and gifts to be delivered on the same day in Kanpur? Sure! Want eggless cakes in unique flavor and design? Sure, why not! Need premium cakes at affordable prices? Say no more! Need flowers and gifts with your cake order? We have you covered. Your wish is our command and we believe that you should not compromise on any front. 

Send designer cakes and beautiful flowers online in Kanpur and make the special days worth clicking, capturing, and saving as a memory. Just scroll through our endless options or type in your query, add your items or combos, checkout, and relax. We will deliver the orders prepared with passion and love in no time! 

Frequently Asked Questions For Online Cake Delivery in Kanpur

Can I get cake delivery in Kanpur on the same day?

Yes, you can! Timely and speedy delivery of orders is what WishByGift excels at. We ensure same day delivery and midnight cake delivery in Kanpur. However, the orders must be placed by 8 PM unless otherwise specified on the product or checkout pages of our website. 

How can I add the date for midnight cake delivery in Kanpur? 

You can ensure easy midnight cake delivery in Kanpur with WishByGift by adding the right delivery date. Let’s say you want the cake to be delivered at 12:00 or 12:01 of December 25, then you should order the date of December 24 as that is when the order will be shipped. 

Do you offer eggless and vegan cakes in Kanpur?

We ensure cake delivery in Kanpur from the best sellers and shops that offer a variety of options for all kinds of cake connoisseurs. You can also get eggless cakes and vegan cakes in Kanpur in various flavours and designs. 

How can I add flowers to my cake order?

You can add cakes, flowers, and cupcakes to your order with absolute ease. You can either add your choice of flowers and bouquets with the cake directly to your cart or choose from our exquisite and wide range of combos that we have especially designed. 

What are fondant cakes? Do you deliver fondant cakes in Kanpur?

Fondant is a type of edible icing that looks like play-dough. Due to its smooth & silky texture, it can be rolled out and sculpted to form desired shapes and designs. We have a range of cake options to choose from and you can also select cream icing cake or fondant cakes for delivery in Kanpur. 

How can I customize my order and add a message? 

Express your feelings in phrases or quotes, or just add a small message to your cake. Customizing orders is a breeze with WishByGift. All you have to do is submit your custom request while placing the order and it will be good to go and impress your loved ones. 

Can I add a photo to my cake or get a theme cake as per demand?

Yes, of course. We are experts in cake customization. You can make sure that the cake resonates with the personality of your loved one by ordering a photo cake or theme cake. Just add your request and provide the details (photo, name, etc.) while placing the order, and get your personalized cakes delivered in no time. 

Do you deliver cupcakes in different flavours and designs? 

Our cupcake collection is as vibrant and delicious as our cake collection. You can order cupcake delivery in Kanpur and get cupcakes in different flavours and designs. You can also order theme-based cupcakes that express your endearing thoughts or convey your funny messages. 

Do you offer free shipping and delivery in Kanpur? 

Shipping charges are added to every order based on distance and other related factors. However, we also ensure that you get the best deals whenever we can so we offer free shipping and delivery in some cases.

Do you have a refund policy? 

We offer refunds under some special conditions. The refund usually takes 2 to 15 business days and the amount is credited to the same account/card/wallet through which the payment was made. You can click here to read about our cancellation and refund policy in detail.

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