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Once in A Year, Always in Your Memories with WishByGift

Everyone deserves a happy, cheerful birthday. What makes for a happy, cheerful birthday? Family. Friends. Loved ones, those who are near and dear to us. And cake. There must always be cake.

We don’t know who came up with the concept of cake. We do know, however, is that the unwearied connection between cakes and parties is forever. And since a birthday is the king of all parties, a birthday deserves nothing less than the king of all cakes. That is where we come in.

You can order birthday cake online on WishByGift to make the most special day of the year unforgettable for your loved ones. We know how extra special birthdays are, which is why we bring to you nothing but super special cakes. Our system for online birthday cake order is seamless and hassle-free. We know that the birthday is meant to be enjoyed, not wasted away on tedious trips to the local confectionery.

Send Birthday Cake Online With Same Day Delivery from WishByGift

Babies aren’t picky about when to come into the world. Some of us were born early in the morning before the sun was out, some of us at night, and some anytime in between. We are equally liberal when it comes to time of the day. With us, you can send birthday cakes any time of the day. Speaking about any time of the day, what better moment to send birthday wishes to someone than midnight? There is something really intimate about being the first person to wish your loved one on their birthday, and to do it just when the clock strikes twelve. You care enough to go to the trouble of making them happy in the middle of the night. We care enough to help you add a cake to top it off. Midnight birthday cake delivery is a piece of cake to us, pun intended.

Order Birthday Cake Online for Delivery to Surprise Your Loved Ones

A birthday comes once in a year, but the memories associated with it last very long. We are here to help you ensure that a succulent taste lasts on the lips of you and your loved ones along with those memories. We strive to make your cakes just perfect, no compromises. WishByGift birthday cake delivery is a package of smiles by the pound (or kilo, we let you choose).

Not with your loved one this year? We understand. Our crazy 21st century world is hectic and bustling, and you may not always be around the people you love. However, distance is never an issue for us. Just like you, we too believe that kilometres are just numbers on a map and not really relevant to the bond between people. Hence, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the distance will never stop you from letting your loved ones know that you may be away but you are never gone. We give you the power to send birthday cake at midnight to your special ones.

So what are you waiting for? You are just a few clicks away from your online birthday cake order.