Quickest and Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe you can make at home

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hello, connoisseurs of taste! What are you enjoying today? Well, whatever the dish is, the party should start at the taste buds and end up quenching the heart!

After all, that is the sign of a good treat! Isn’t it? One such dish that does more favor to the heart than it does to your appetite, is Cakes! It would be an absolute injustice to call it just a dessert. It is so much more than that.

Over the years, cakes have been the center of attraction of almost all kinds of celebrations, merriment, landmark moments. People either bake, or order cake online for birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, success parties, and so on.

However, it is always a great idea to show some affection to your loved ones by baking it yourself. And when we think of cakes, there is no denying that chocolate seems like the best accomplice.

We bet, you have been thinking of it since days and scrolling through the internet since quite some time, just to find the perfect chocolate cake recipe. Guess what! You can end your search here! We have done all the work for you.

So, just go through the quick and easy chocolate cake recipe and surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift. It can be made with a few ingredients in a limited amount of time. You can spend the rest of it adoring your work! Let us begin!

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Sugar & Spice & all things nice!

Now that you know what we have to offer, it is time to embark upon the mouth-watering journey! Let us just begin with the list of ingredients first. Remember, we do not need spices literally! In fact, the list would include the following:

  • All Purpose Flour: 1 and a half cup
  • Cocoa Powder: ¾ cup
  • Baking Soda: ½ tsp
  • Baking Powder- 1 tsp
  • Vegetable Oil or Softened Butter: ¾ cup
  • Castor Sugar: 1 and halfcup
  • Vanilla extract:½ tsp
  • Curd (hung over night):1 cup
  • Salt: ¼ tsp
  • Milk: ½ cup
  • White Vinegar: 1 tsp

Preparation: Mix the milk and white vinegar and let it sit for five to ten minutes

Lights, Cakes, Action!

It is now time to start baking! Follow the instructions as you play your favourite song and unleash the chef and singer in you altogether!

Start with pre-heating the oven to 180 degree Celsius.

Proceed to add flour, cocoa, baking soda and baking powder in a bowl and mix it.

Take another bowl and add sugar and butter in it. Beat it to mix it well until the mixture changes its colour slightly. Add curd to the mixture and mix it well. (Make sure it is not very sour in taste).

Add vanilla to the mixture and beat it again!

Oh! And before we forget! Grab a baking pan (preferably of 8 to 9 inches) and lay a parchment paper to cover the pan completely.

Grab the flour mixture and start adding it to the sugar and butter mix. Keep adding flour mixture and milk alternatively in small proportions. Only add enough milk to bind the mixture until you attain a creamy texture for the batter.

That is, it! Your batter is ready!

Now pour the batter into the pan and bake at 180 degree Celsius for 30 minutes. To check whether it is cooked or not, you can insert a toothpick in the centre and then pull it out. If it comes out without getting stuck, your cake is ready.

Put on your gloves and gear and take the cake out. Let it cool down before you start the icing process.

Time to shine!

Now that your cake has cooled down completely, you can start decorating it and icing it the way you want to. Remove the cake from the pan and lay it on a plate.

You can just turn it upside down cautiously! Cut the extra bumpy layer (a thin one) and remove it. (You can eat it just like that. It just doesn’t look very good on the final product.)

Now turn it upside down and start the process of decoration and icing. You can simply grab some cookies and start pushing it vertically on the cake or do the same with some chocolate bars.

Else, you can use a cream cheese frosting and spread it on the cake evenly using a butter knife or a similar equipment. Add some candies or sprinklers and you will be good to go.

There is yet another way of decorating the cake the shinier and glossier way. Add the panache of Ganache!

Oh! we are pathetic at rhyming but this icing technique is not. It is simply awesome and easy to prepare. Here is how you can make it:

Use one part semi-sweet melted chocolate with one part warm cream. Whisk the two of them together and pour it on your cake generously. It will add a nice rich and glossy texture to the cake and make it look super delicious.

You can leave it at that or spread a handful of sprinklers and go with some bonus icing. That is, it! Put it on a plate and let your loved ones have a treat they never forget.

There are multiple uses of it!

As promised, we will now tell you how you can use the ganache for a variety of other dessert treats. It is easy to make and tastes amazing!

In fact, the ganache you prepared for your cake’s decoration can actually have multiple uses. You can save the recipe of this two-ingredient wonder and use it for the following purposes:

#1: Make Truffles:

Just freeze the ganache until it hardens into a soft ball. Scoop out little balls and roll it in coco powder, coconut powder, or sprinklers and enjoy it like a truffle!

#2: Create Chocolate Dip:

The dip is actually ready! You just need to cut your favourite fruits, stick a toothpick and dip it in the ganache. You can enjoy this dip with whatever you want.

#3: Enjoy a Fudgy Treat:

Warm the ganache a little, throw in some dried fruit and nuts and pour it in a pan. Let it cool down at room temperature and attain a thick consistency. That’s it! Your fudgy treat is ready to be served!

#4: Decorate Cupcakes:

A little amount of ganache that you saved from icing the cake can actually gloss up many cupcakes. So just add that extra layer of chocolate to the cupcakes that you have ordered online, bought from store, or made yourself.

#5: Mousse it up:

Add the syrupy ganache to a mixer along with some cream and blend them together. Let the mixture sit for sometime and cool down. Your chocolate mousse will be ready!

There! You came looking for one chocolate cake recipe, and got to learn so much more!

Still got some questions? Keep reading…

We know you might be having some queries regarding the chocolate cake recipe. We have picked the common ones and tried to answer them. Hope it helps!

Q 1: I do not have parchment paper. Can I use regular paper?

A: Umm! Not Really! However, if you do not have parchment paper, you can grab a brush and grease the pan with melted butter or oil. This will prepare the pan for the baking and the cake will not get stuck to the sides.

Q 2: Can I use some other kind of vinegar?

A: Adding white vinegar makes the cake soft and spongy. However, if you do not have white vinegar, then you can just skip this step altogether.

Q 3: Should the mixture be heated?

A: Apart from the heating and melting instructions specially mentioned in the recipe, everything else needs to be at the room temperature. Also, cooling down the cake before you start frosting and icing, is extremely important. But, do not refrigerate it. Let it cool down at room temperature.

Q 4: What kind of curd can I use?

A: The regular kind! Just ensure that the water is drained and it is thickened. You can place the curd in a muslin cloth and hang it at a place high, cool and clean. Do this a night before you actually bake the cake.

Q 5: How much whisking do I need to do?

A: Not much. It should be just enough to mix the ingredients altogether. Use a regular spatula or mixing equipment to blend it all together.

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