It’s your Child’s 1st Birthday

Childhood birthdays are all about creating childhood memories together. It is vital for every parent to share moments and put together stories for their kids to talk about and recollect when they are old.

Cakes play a crucial role in a kid’s birthday party, so they have to be inventive and tempting. Online cake galleries these days come up with remarkable cakes variety in varied shapes, sizes and flavors.

Themed parties have also become popular these days that include several attractive themed cakes for kids like Batman, Disney characters, Bollywood cakes, photograph cakes, etc.

Talking about the 1st birthday cakes, they have to be lavish as this is the most significant birthday for a child and his parents too.

In the ancient times, cakes were very different from what we eat today. Back in the ancient Egyptian times, they were the first ones to have advanced baking skills and derived the word cake. Medieval European workers were the ones who offered fruit cakes and ginger bread.

Back in the early 17th Century, only round baking moulds of cakes being placed on flat baking trays were known and popular. Cakes were iced and contained dry fruits.

It was in the 19th Century, when the cakes came in their modern form.

Today, cakes are available in a rainbow of colors, sizes and flavors. You can even tailor them as per any taste or requirement.

Ice cream cakes in the hot summer months come with the layers of traditional sponge cake batter that are spread with the rich flavors of ice creams. Toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips can be added to the cakes to enhance the look and taste of the cakes.

Chocolate cakes are ever popular for kids’ birthdays. There are various varieties of chocolate cakes available in the market today – chocolate truffle cake, chocolate frosting cake, chocolate filling cake, etc. Vanilla, butter cream or raspberry frosting are popular for chocolate cakes. You can fill chocolate cakes with your choice of frosting like – strawberry syrup, custard, etc. You can also go for layered chocolate cakes that are interspersed with cream and cherries.

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