It’s All about Monsoon Flowers

There are various songs on Monsoon rains. Have you ever wonder why? The only reason to this is that the monsoon is the season of love! After the heat of summer season when it drizzles, it brings happiness all over, easing the burning sensation. The beauty of nature reaches a beautiful level after it gets washed. It leaves behind no grey! Monsoon season makes the nature look more prominent, embracing the world with a cheerful smile.

In this blog today, we are talking about various vivacious, fragrant, and balletic Monsoon flowers. This is the season to make your loved ones feel happy and special all over again. You should do so by sending flowers to them with same day flower delivery in Delhi by

Let’s look at the charming beauties of Monsoon to add happiness and colors to the lives of your loved ones –

Jasmine – Jasmine is the prominent monsoon flower with captivating fragrance. These flowers are known to melt hearts, heal the broken hearts, and express the heartfelt feelings. It has been observed that the ones who suffer from insomnia or sleep-related disorders must include jasmine flower to their home settings. This flower is all about love and romance, just the season itself. It is national flower of Pakistan and wedding flower of Indonesia. These flowers make for a great gifting option too.

Sunflower – Sunflower is known as the energetic of all! It signifies respect, devotion, and longevity. The seeds of this flower are used in preparing cooking oils and beauty emollients. This flower is all about positivity and zest for life. Consider this flower to make the monsoons of your loved ones amazing.

Lotus – The national flower of India and Vietnam! Lotus is the symbolization of purity, spirituality, patience, enlightenment, self-awareness, compassion, mysticism, and faith. Placing lotus in the tub of water in your balcony is a great idea, especially during monsoon. This flower also plays a significant role in Hindu culture as it is associated with Gods & Goddesses. Send Lotus to your loved ones in monsoon season to bring them prosperity.

Plumeria – Another fragrant monsoon flower is Plumeria that is known to spread happiness across. This flower symbolizes beauty, charm, new beginnings, grace, dedication, and devotion. It has an enticing appearance and makes the room settings look lovelier. Simple send Plumeria to the ones you love and keep them smiling all day long.

Gulmohur – If someone in your circle has a proper and spacious garden or backyard, you can gift Gulmohur tree to them and let them relish the pleasing sight of the bright orange and red flowers. It is known as the decorative plant across the world. It has a cultural significance in Kerala. It is best considered to be sent to the ones your love, just to make their day and keep them smiling.

Flowers are always soul-stirring and every season has its favorite bank of flowers.

Avail online flower delivery in Delhi and send a bunch of joy and love to your dear ones, irrespective of the season or occasion!