In the Upcoming Christmas try Online same day cake delivery in Delhi

Winter season brings a lot of reasons to cheer and celebrate with your family, friends and your loved ones. The months of December and January houses two most celebrated occasions of the Year throughout the world. The First one is Christmas which is celebrated on the day of 25 December and another one is new … Read more

Honoring Parents with a Piece of Happiness

Parents are the ones who run behind you every now and then to make sure that you’re growing up safe, healthy and happy. It is the time for you to celebrate the joys, the magic, the experience, and the achievements your parents have given to you to date. It should be in a unique way, … Read more

Cakes Help in Conveying Your Feelings Better

Love is a feeling that makes you feel butterflies and bring happiness to your mundane life. As you are getting all lovey-dovey with the feeling of guitar being played at the background, it’s the time to celebrate it with something sweet. What else could be sweeter than cake? Whether it is your first date, or … Read more

Best Summer Cakes For All Occasions

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It’s your Child’s 1st Birthday

Childhood birthdays are all about creating childhood memories together. It is vital for every parent to share moments and put together stories for their kids to talk about and recollect when they are old. Cakes play a crucial role in a kid’s birthday party, so they have to be inventive and tempting. Online cake galleries … Read more