10 Amazing Tips to Choose the Best Birthday Cake for Your Loved One

Few souls just happen to be in our life or walk in our life and change it for the better. Birthdays are special occasions that give you an opportunity to express your love for those precious ones. 

In today’s day and age when lives are busier than ever, it becomes even more important to make them feel special on their special days. 

However, finding the perfect birthday cake can become overwhelming at times.  The perfect sweet treat should not only fit your budget but suit the expectations as well. 

Do not worry! WishByGift has you covered. Online cake delivery in Delhi or any part of India becomes a ‘cakewalk’ with WishByGift. 

You can explore the blog further and find some outstanding tips that will help you choose and customize the perfect birthday cake for your loved one. 

Ten tips to customizing the perfect birthday bakes

Follow the tips listed below and put up the perfect ensemble of cake:

#1: Fathom your budget and requirements 

This first step towards cake selection is assessing your budget and requirements. Factors like how much you are willing to spend, what is the quantity and flavor requirement, should be taken into consideration.

This will help you narrow down the choices. Once you have sorted the budget, you can choose the tier like one tier cake, two tier cake etc., and then proceed to flavor.

For instance, WishByGift offers a plethora of options where you can choose cakes by flavors. This includes Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cake, Cheese Cake, and more. You can pick whatever you like. 

#2: Customization is must

The next and one of the most important steps is customization. It adds a personal touch to the cake that makes it more endearing. In fact, a perfectly customized cake speaks for itself. 

You can customize the cake by adding a name or nickname of the person. Else, you can also go for a photograph cake and let people savor an old memory while making a new one. 

When it comes to photograph cakes, you can also buy more than one cake and combine them to convey or tell a story. It will help you put up a story ensemble and convey a message in a different way. 

#3: Consider the hobbies and personality

While customizing the cake, you can also think of the birthday girl or boy’s hobby, personality, age, profession, likes, dislikes, etc. This will help you design the cake in the perfect way. 

For instance, if your loved one is a kid, you can go for designer cakes like Spider Man Cake for superhero lovers, Barbie Cake for doll lovers, MAC Makeup Cake for the photogenic friends, Born to Shop Cake for shopping freaks, and more. 

If the cake is meant for elders, you can customize it based on their profession. For example, a Doctor themed cake for medical professionals, a Book themed cake for Authors, and more. 

This will show that you like and acknowledge the likes and preferences of the person. It also shows that you love them for who they are, and helps you earn those extra brownie points in the party.

#4: Personalize a hidden or open message

You can utilize all the space on the cake and add a short message for your loved one. It can be a code encrypted with design elements that only the both of you know of and share a bond over. 

Else it can be an open expression of love, stated in heartwarming lines. This can be a poem, a quote, a personalized message, or anything that allows you to express your emotions.

In fact, you can also express the feelings in cakes that otherwise remain hidden. For example, if you want to express your love, you can go for a love face Emoji cake. 

Pick your choice of design and icing for flavor and get it inked on your cake. After all what better way to express sugary emotions other than mouthwatering caramelized ‘icing on your cake’, LITERALLY! 

#5: Pick an identifiable theme

Theme based birthday cakes are a massive hit amongst millennials and the upcoming generations as well. You can create your own theme for the cake or get it made according to the theme of the party. 

You can also pick the theme according to the person the cake is meant for. Make a list of their preferences and see what others may agree upon as well. 

Select an identifiable theme and tell them that you know them well. For instance, you can have a Music themed cake, Sports themed cake, Cartoon themed cake, or a popular Web Series themed cake. 

#6: Consider the weather and geography 

However weird it may sound, considering the weather and geography can also help you make an enhanced decision when it comes to choosing the perfect cake. 

People’s taste and preferences change as per seasons and other phenomenon. For example, an ice cake might sound like a good idea for treat in summer season. However, you should be prepared to handle it. 

Also consider the geography of your delivery location and take related things into account. This may include traffic delays, surrounding circumstances, delivery time and preferences, etc. 

#7: Make it complimentary to the other gifts 

The cake need not just be suitable according to the theme. You can also customize the cake in such a way that it complements your other gifts, generic or personalized.

You can get it designed according to the floral arrangements you have picked for gifting. For instance, you can send yellow roses with a mango cheese cake, purple orchids with pineapple cake, and more.

Easily and effortlessly pick the best flower and cake combos or cake and chocolate combos that complement each other on WishByGift. It has the best assortment of such delightful combos. 

#8: Consider the party setting or place 

The cake is not just an eatable on the menu or yet another prop of the party. It is often the center of attraction that sets the mood and tone of your parties. 

Especially on the occasion of birthday, it becomes even more important. In order to curate the perfect themed party for your loved one, you can also complement the cake with the party setting or theme. 

For instance, a Superman themed party will need a Superman cake, a Princess themed party can have a Princess cake, an Emoji themed party can have an Emoji cake, and so on and so forth. 

#9: Add the element of fun 

Cakes are synonymous to fun and frolic and must be customized accordingly. You can also add the element of amusement and make it extra special. 

If you share a personal and memorable account with the birthday girl or birthday boy, you can add a touch of that event to the cake design. It can be an incident, a symbol, a character, or anything similar.

It should leave the person in awe and all praises for you. It also shows that you have put in an extra effort into making their special day even more special. In fact, by doing so you will make your cake stand out amidst potential competition. 

#10: Seek out the ongoing SM trends 

There is a unique trend of following ongoing trends when it comes to designing cakes these days. You can rummage through Social Media and find out about the current trends. 

You can also scroll the social profile of the person that the cake is meant for and see what trend they are participating in and actively talking about. For instance, you can pick a popular meme or game and turn it into a cake idea.

In fact, Social Media platform can itself be an idea, for example – Instagram themed Cake, Facebook themed Cake, Twitter themed Cake, and more. Just see what the person would love and get it customized accordingly. 

Order your perfect cake now! 

This was our list of top ten factors you should consider and ensure to fuel your process of cake selection. Follow and pick the best birthday treat for your dear ones. 

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